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The Cracking Monkey is a food brand based in the Philippines that cultivates, harvests and sells sprouted Pili nuts still in their shell.  Packed in reusable cotton sacks, The Cracking Monkey is also the only Pili nut product in the market that features a unique and patented way of cracking the nut shell by use of  a pre-cut notch and stainless lever that comes free in every bag.

The Pili Nut

Discover the Pili nut, a fruit of the Pili tree that thrives in the volcanic regions of Bicol in the Philippines. For years it was relatively unheard of overseas but is now gaining popularity for it’s nutritional value and health benefits. In the Philippines the nut is usually roasted and sweetend as a snack or used in recipes that call for nuts.  But to harness the maximum benefits of this super food, the nut is best consumed after pre-sprouting and eaten straight out of it’s shell.

Good for You

The pili nut is considered a super food for the nutritional values it possesses:

  • Highest content of Vitamin E of all nuts.
  • Excellent source of Magnesium and Manganese.
  • Contains Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Protein and Fiber.
  • All the good fats for your health.
  • Gluten free. Dairy free. Vegan friendly.
  • Non-processed. No preservatives or additives.
  • Lowest allergen threshold nuts.
  • Free of chemicals. GMO free. Toxic free.
  • Healthy snack for the whole family.

The Natural Way
to Pili Nut

Even in the Philippines where the pili nut is grown and harvested you would be hard pressed to find the pili nut being sold in stores still in their shells. Usually you get them out of their shells roasted, salted or candied. Why? Because pili nuts are one of the toughest nuts to crack, the regular nut cracker just won’t do the job. In the Philippines, people use a bolo or machete to break into the tough shell.

But naturally, you get the best taste and nutrients from these nuts when they are freshly cracked from their shell. Thus The Cracking Monkey Pili Nuts was created.

For the first time you can now enjoy your pili nuts the natural way straight from its shell with The Cracking Monkey’s patented “notch and lever” system. No processing or roasting just pili nuts naturally pre-sprouted to enhance their nutritional value.

We source our pili nuts from farmers in the  volcanic rich soils of Bicol, Camarines Island.

The nuts undergo our proprietary process of natural pre-sprouting to enhance flavor and nutritional content.

Our artisans make precise cuts on each nuts so you could easily open them with our patented lever system.

Each nut gets stamped  to remind you that this was made by a plant, and not in a plant.

Our mission is
to make the world HEALTHIER.

We want to transform how
people see food.

We believe in…

  • …minimally processed foods
  • …packages that will biodegrade fast
  • …full application of the “farm to table” concept
  • …hand-crafting our food products
  • …in a processing plant that resembles nature’s way, that uses more people and less machines
  • …being responsible for our environment
  • …thinking globally, acting locally

Crack your pili nuts with the lever included free in every bag.

Crack your pili nuts with the lever included free in every bag.

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You are eating a natural food product with the most minimal process we could come up with, this means, you need to eat it the way our ancestors used to eat their foods: Inspect every nut you crack, smell it, sense it, feel it before you eat it.
This will not only give you a great experience but it will also ensure you do not end up eating a bad nut, it happens as there is no way for us to know which nuts are good and which ones are bad, by bad we mean a nut that did not develop inside the shell or that somehow by Mother Nature’s infinite wisdom, is faulty.
Follow these important guidelines, they are also in the package and take special care with children and the elderly.